Friday, January 20, 2017

Avakin Life VR for Daydream VR Gameplay / Hands-On

Avakin Life VR has just launched for Google Daydream VR and here you can watch 30 minutes of gameplay in VR Avaking Life VR is a role-playing game that puts you...

Coloring VR for Daydream VR Hands-On

Coloring VR is a very relaxing coloring app for Daydream VR. The developer would even call it a color therapy app for adults. In this video I am checking it out! Here...

Wands Review for Daydream VR

Wands was one of the early games that came out on Daydream VR and I finally get to review it here! Wands is a fast-paced online multiplayer game that beams you...

New Wonderglade Minigame: Hamster Hoops on Daydream VR Hands-On / Gameplay

Wonderglade has an awesome new update! There is a new minigame called "Hamster Hoops" and you can now pass on your Daydream Headset in order to play all the Wondergalde mingames...

The Top 10 Most Essential Free Apps For Daydream VR You Cannot Miss

You just got your Daydream-ready phone, the Daydream headset and you are wondering what free apps you absolutely HAVE to check out? Great, you came to the right place! In this article...

The 10 Best Games For Daydream VR That You Have To Play

What a year this 2016 has been for Virtual Reality! Vive, Oculus, PSVR and most importantly Daydream VR have emerged to show us how incredible it is to play games in...

Untethered on Daydream VR Hands-On / Playthrough Episode 1

Have you ever dreamed about being a Radio DJ? Well, in Untethered for Daydream VR you can make this dream come true! You will also get into quite a mystery case...

vTime for Daydream VR Hands-On Review

vTime has just arrived on the Daydream Play Store! The free download is a cross-platform social network that allows you to chat with friends and/or strangers in Virtual Reality! Finally Daydreamers have...

Floor Plan Review on Daydream VR

Floor Plan is a new addition to the Daydream Play Store that will give people looking for a puzzle adventure a great new option! If Sherlock VR is too simple for you...

ASTEROIDS! on Daydream VR

INVASION! was already great fun on Daydream VR. Here is a sneak peak of the successor, ASTEROIDS! Again, we are looking at a really cute animation movie completely in VR! Check...


Daydream Blue Review on Daydream VR

Daydream Blue is one of the launch games of the Daydream VR platform and even though it has been with us from the beginning,...

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