Monday, November 20, 2017
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Daydream District Discovers: Ready Player One

Welcome to this very first episode of Daydream District Discovers! Every week I will discover some new app, game, product, service, movie, basically anything, that I believe is relevant for the...

Daydream District Discovers: The SkyFighter Tutorial feat. Lt. Rita Velasco !

Meet SkyFighter's Lt. Rita Velasco in this week's Daydream District Discovers episode! Rita without a doubt has the most awesome Spanish accent in recent videogame history and is worth to be...

Daydream District Discovers: Vaporwave for Google Daydream VR

It's Friday, time for Daydream District Discovers! Today Daydream District Discovers: Vaporwave! The game was made by 3 Swedish engineering physics students and they want your feedback! First 10 commenters get...

Daydream District Discovers: Twilight Pioneers for Daydream VR – Chapter 1 Playthrough

In this episode of Daydream District Discovers, I will play through the whole first chapter of the fantastic Twilight Pioneers for Daydream VR! The game is absolutely free of charge and a...

Daydream District Discovers: VR KOMMANDO

In today's episode of Daydream District Discovers I am checking out the awesome youtube channel VR KOMMANDO ! Go here and subscribe now, it is so worth it: VR Kommando reviews the...

Baskhead Training for Daydream: Double the price for half the content.

The title kind of says it all. Baskhead developer VRLines came up with the idea to re-release Baskhead for double the price than the original. The game is called Baskhead Training...

The Future of Social Media in VR? Check out VICARIOUS for Daydream VR!

Welcome to another episode of Daydream District Discovers! Today I am going to check out Vicarious. Vicarious has just launched for Daydream VR and it is a very promising social media app...

Ready Player One Trailer Official Explained – The Future Of VR!

The official first trailer of Ready Player One has just been unveiled at Comic Con and in this I am going to analyze / explain it! Ready Player One is the most...