Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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The Best Daydream Game So Far. Eclipse: Edge Of Light Review

Every once a while there is a game that defines the platform that it is launched on. A game that people will associate with that platform. Instant classics that will be...

Daydream District Discovers: Ready Player One

Welcome to this very first episode of Daydream District Discovers! Every week I will discover some new app, game, product, service, movie, basically anything, that I believe is relevant for the...

vTime for Daydream VR Hands-On Review

vTime has just arrived on the Daydream Play Store! The free download is a cross-platform social network that allows you to chat with friends and/or strangers in Virtual Reality! Finally Daydreamers have...

Floor Plan Review on Daydream VR

Floor Plan is a new addition to the Daydream Play Store that will give people looking for a puzzle adventure a great new option! If Sherlock VR is too simple for you...

Underworld Overlord Review on Daydream VR

With Underworld Overlord we already have the second Tower Defense game on Daydream VR. And it is a great one! You assume the role of the evil Underworld Overlord that has...

Need For Speed No Limits VR Review on Daydream VR

Need For Speed No Limits VR for Daydream has finally launched! Google had teased the game from the very first unveiling of Daydream and now it is here. I had already...

NEXT VR Walkthrough on Daydream VR

NEXT VR wants to become THE place to watch live events in VR! Be in sports, concernts, political events, you will be able to see in glorious VR here! Check out...

JAUNT VR Walkthrough on Daydream VR

JAUNT VR is a video content curation app, and a really great one! You will find over 100 VR experiences here, most of which are of great quality. JAUNT is one...

Daydream VR Headsets: Bobo VR Z4 Review

The Bobo VR Z4 has been something like an insider's tip in the mobile VR community. I finally got my hands on a unit and in this review we'll find out why that...

The 5 Best Games for Daydream VR So Far

Daydream is not even a month old but there is already a strong line-up of games for the platform. Time for us to award the 5 best games for Daydream until...