Friday, January 20, 2017

Avakin Life VR for Daydream VR Gameplay / Hands-On

Avakin Life VR has just launched for Google Daydream VR and here you can watch 30 minutes of gameplay in VR Avaking Life VR is a role-playing game that puts you...

Daydream District Discovers: Ready Player One

Welcome to this very first episode of Daydream District Discovers! Every week I will discover some new app, game, product, service, movie, basically anything, that I believe is relevant for the...

Coloring VR for Daydream VR Hands-On

Coloring VR is a very relaxing coloring app for Daydream VR. The developer would even call it a color therapy app for adults. In this video I am checking it out! Here...

New Wonderglade Minigame: Hamster Hoops on Daydream VR Hands-On / Gameplay

Wonderglade has an awesome new update! There is a new minigame called "Hamster Hoops" and you can now pass on your Daydream Headset in order to play all the Wondergalde mingames...

Untethered on Daydream VR Hands-On / Playthrough Episode 1

Have you ever dreamed about being a Radio DJ? Well, in Untethered for Daydream VR you can make this dream come true! You will also get into quite a mystery case...

vTime for Daydream VR Hands-On Review

vTime has just arrived on the Daydream Play Store! The free download is a cross-platform social network that allows you to chat with friends and/or strangers in Virtual Reality! Finally Daydreamers have...

ASTEROIDS! on Daydream VR

INVASION! was already great fun on Daydream VR. Here is a sneak peak of the successor, ASTEROIDS! Again, we are looking at a really cute animation movie completely in VR! Check...

Moatboat on Daydream VR Hands-On / Gameplay

Moatboat is a new game for Daydream VR that is absolutely free to download. It is a simple god game that lets you create environments and even little economies simply by...

Horizons on Daydream VR Hands-On / Walkthrough

Horizons for Daydream VR is a series of interactive musical journeys in VR! Use your motion controller to directly influence the music and the environment. Here is our full walkthrough of...

Floor Plan on Daydream VR Hands-On / Gameplay

Developer TurboButton just launched Floor Plan for Daydream VR! The game is a puzzle adventure that takes place entireley in an elevator! Yes, you read that right! In an elevator! You...


Google Arts & Culture Walkthrough on Daydream VR

The Google Arts & Culture app is simply awesome and earned the Daydream District Editor's Choice award! Start the app and have a look at...

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