Evil Robot Traffic Jam is the first Tower Defense game that arrived on Daydream VR! Evil Robots drive our cars now and those guys cause terrible traffic jams. Gladly there is still you to deploy your aresenal of deadly weapons in order to blow them up before the traffic gets too bad! Sounds like a sane thing to do and it is fun for the most part!


You hover over the playing field and just like in best Tower Defense style deploy your weapons to dedicated locations, which is only limited by the amount of points you have. You have a broad choice of weapons, starting from Bullet Towers, Missile Towers and Railgun Towers to Air Defense Towers and Mortar Towers. All of these weapons of course have different impacts on the evil robots that will drive down the streets and need to be stopped before they reach their goal. If 20 of them do so you lost the level and have to start again.

You can also directly intervene and bombard the cars from above once the bombs are fully loaded or you can choose to hack cars. Hacking cars is as simple as pointing at the car to hack with your motion controller and clicking on the touchpad. A hacked car will increase in size and drive backwards and damage the fellow evil robot cars.

There are not only cars driving on the ground, there are also cars attached to helicopters that will deploy their evil robot payload if you don’t manage to blow them off the skies with your air missile defense in time.

All standard Tower Defense gameplay mechanics work fine and it is fun to play Evil Robot Traffic Jam. But unfortunately there are some glitches that show a lack of polish. For example when activating your bombardment, I often paused the game. At the beginning I had no idea what was going on until I realized that with the click of the touchpad, I had not only launched my bombs but also clicked on the Pause button. That happened all the time and got annoying really soon.


The game looks good. It uses a comic art style that fits very well. The environments you play in are detailed and offer a good level of variety. You play during snow storms, in a desert, at night and so on. There are drones flying above you that help you hack the cars and it is a world that you would not mind to stay in for just another level. Until you reach the “Meadows of Doom” level and things go downwards from there. As mentioned above, the game lacks polish and it gets far too obvious here. Unfortunately, something went really wrong here. Cars suddenly seem to float above the ground level, do not follow roads anymore and it simply is annoying to see such a major glitch in a game that costs $10.


Evil Robot Traffic Jam works really well in VR. Even though this game would also work as a 2D game, the added immersion of being in this world adds to the overall fun you have when picking this up. Yes, Tower Defense games work great in VR!


Also comfort-wise Evil Robot Traffic Jam does not cause any problems. The camera does not move at all and you will be fine for your whole playing session.

Final Thoughts

Evil Robot Traffic Jam is a good game that could be great if it wasn’t for the lack of polish. It is truly fun to prevent the cars from reaching their goal and all the Tower Defense gameplay mechanisms work great. But for $10 the developer needs to fix the bugs before I can truly recommend this title.


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