Daydream VR is awesome, there is no question about it. But for sure sometimes we Daydreamers have a jealous look at the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift, with their full positional tracking and huge app catalogs!

Thankfully with Riftcat VRidge Daydreamers also have a chance to get a shot at playing those games on Daydream VR now! The app emulates one of the above headsets on a high-end PC and sends the stream directly to your Daydream compatible phone, and it works surprisingly well! Have a look at our hands-on tutorial above!

If you have some spare Playstation Move controllers, you could even emulate the HTC Vive controllers! But for this tutorial we would only show you how to play games that do not require them.

Get the PC client from here:

The Android app is here:

Let us know how well it worked out for you in the comment section below!

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