Did you always want to step into the shoes of Sherlock Holmes and solve mysterious crime cases? You are in luck, because that is exactly what Sherlock VR on Daydream lets you do. Together with your loyal sidekick Dr. Watson this title will let you go on the hunt for clues that will eventually help you to find the culprit guilty of whatever crimes they have commited!


The gameplay is very straight forward. Sherlock VR is a hidden object game that makes you look for, you guessed it, hidden objects. You will first hear about the case in question and then go to the crime scene where you are presented with a list of objects. You then look around the crime scene that is full of all kinds of objects and you click on those ones that you found and that are on the list. For up to two of them, you will analyze them further on site and you will normally be able to find a finger print or something similar that will need to be further investigated in the lab.

Once you have found all the objects on the list, you go to the lab and receive reports about the objects that you had further sent out for analysis. You will get more clues concerning your ongoing investigation and the story will be driven further thanks to those new clues. This will lead to a new crime scene where you go back to square one with a new list of objects you need to find.

Unfortunately that is rather repetitive and you will need to find objects that have nothing to do with the investigation whatsoever. On a side note, if English is not your first language, this is the perfect game to brush up on your English vocabulary, since you will need to find all kind of things.

At the end of each case, you have to put one and one together and accuse one of the suspects. It is really not hard to find the culprit, since the clues are soo obvious. This game seems to target the younger audiences that just learn about logic thinking.


The game employs a comic art style that works very well, especially when taking into account that it seems to be more targeted towards children. The developers have done a good job at creating a colorful world to investigate and you can tell that the production values are high.


The game works well in VR. If you know the feeling of looking for your keys or your glasses, you can now have the same feeling in VR when looking for objects on your list. For me personally, I’m already often enough looking for stuff in the real world, so I don’t need to do that in VR but some people might enjoy this kind of pastime.


There is no camera movement in Sherlock VR. If you want to move around a crime scene you would simply point at waypoints and you will get transported to those locations. It works well and you won’t get sick when playing Sherlock VR.

Final Thoughts

Sherlock VR only costs $2 in the Play Store. It is a solid hidden object game with good production values at a fair price that should have no problems appealing to younger target audiences. For seasoned gamers though, this should be quite a bit too repetitive.



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