In this edition of the weekly Google Daydream VR Q & A session, I will talk about the Pixel overheating issue again, since this is still one of the biggest problems for Daydream users.

I had already addressed this problem a few weeks ago and the hack introduced at that time, sandwiching aluminium foil between the headset and the Pixel has helped lots of you to drastically increase playing times and decrease Pixel overheating in Daydream VR!

With today’s hack, we can again increase the time we can spend in Virtual Reality. Using a conventional cooling pack or ice pack between the headset and the Pixel will make all the difference.

This solution will make the whole setup a bit heavier as compared to the aluminium foil, but the heat absorbing characteristics of those cooling packs make them ideal as a heatsink for your Pixel!

Please check out the above video and do leave your question about Daydream VR!


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