The Top 10 Best Daydream Apps – The Absolute Essentials

You just got your Daydream-ready phone, the Daydream headset and you are wondering what free apps you absolutely HAVE to check out? Great, you came to the right place! Here are the Top 10 Best Daydream Apps you simply have to download right away! Without further ado, here we go.

No. 10 – Google Arts & Culture

Best Daydream Apps No.10 – The Google Arts & Culture app is a must download for anybody who would like take a close look at the world’s art masterpieces without having to travel to them in real life! Simply download this app and explore exhibitions and renown museums in virtual reality!

Download Google Arts & Culture VR from Google Play now

No. 9 – Horizons

Best Daydream Apps No.9 – Horizons is a series of interactive musical journeys in VR! Use your motion controller to directly influence the music and the environment. Horizons is a fascinating showpiece of how musical experience can transport you into another world. Highly recommended and one of our essential apps for Daydram VR

Download Horizons from Google Play Now

No. 8 – NextVR

Best Daydream Apps No.8 – NextVR specializes on broadcasting live events in Virtual Reality to make you  feel like you are actually there. It already broadcasts one NBA game for free each week and also offers football, boxing and non sports events like live concerts and political discussions.

Download NextVR from Google Play now

No. 7 – Vicarious

Best Daydream Apps No. 7 – Vicarious brings social media to VR! The app makes it possible to easily share your life in VR stories that can contain images, 360 degree panoramas and videos. Let your friends and followers jump into your world and experience what really matters to you or simply follow users and check out their VR stories!

Download Vicarious from Google Play now

No 6 – Skybox

Best Daydream Apps No. 6 – Skybox is the best app to watch your local or downloaded videos on Daydream VR. The app allows you to watch all common video formats in VR and even lets you stream videos from your computer to Daydream if you are connected to the same wifi network.

Download Skybox from Google Play now

No 5 – vTime

Best Daydream Apps No. 5 – vTime calls itself a sociable network in VR! The app allows you to meet your friends or total strangers that might become your friends in exotic VR environments and talk to them in real voice chats. It is quite an experience to sit in a space station and chat with someone from halfway around the world in VR! The app also allows you to record and broadcast your VR chats which even makes it an interesting tool for panel discussions or similar setups!

Download vTime from Google Play Now

No. 4 – AltspaceVR

Best Daydream Apps No. 4 – AltspaceVR is finally on Daydream VR! The app allows you to easily meet people from around the world, play interactive games, and attend free live events in VR. Altspace currently is the best app to meet your old friends or make new ones and hang out in VR together.The app feels like a huge playground and is an absolute essential on Daydream VR!

Download AltspaceVR from Google Play Now

No. 3 – Netflix VR

Best Daydream Apps No. 3 – Netflix in VR is simply great. Fix your House of Cards addiction wherever you are and beam yourself into a lavish home cinema setup that only very few of us can actually afford in real life. In VR, everyone with a Netflix account can!

Download Netflix VR from Google Play now

No. 2 – Google Street View

Best Daydream Apps No. 2 – Google Street View for Daydream VR is simply fascinating. Virtual tourism is going to be big and this is the best app to do this at the moment, for free! Google has curated a huge amound of virtual tours that bring you to fascinating places all around the world. Next to curated tours, you can still go anywhere on earth where Street View is available. So simply beam yourself to the street you grew up in Virtual Reality and take a walk down memory lane!

Download Street View from Google Play now

No. 1 – YouTube VR

Best Daydream Apps No. 1 – The YouTube VR app brings you all the millions of hours of YouTube video right into VR! The watching experience is great, you can place your virtual screen wherever you want and also enjoy watching videos while lying down. There are lots of 360° VR videos on YouTube so you won’t get bored so easily!

Download YouTube VR from Google Play Now