The Top 10 Best Daydream Games – The Absolute Essentials

Here are our picks for the 10 Best Games for Daydream VR that you simply have to play! The Google Daydream VR platform goes into its 9th month and we already have quite a few AAA games here that anyone with a Daydream-ready phone should not miss! So check out our Top 10 Best Daydream Games list below!

No. 10 – Darknet

Best Daydream Games – No 10: The Darknet is a dangerous place in cyberspace where products and services are exchanged for cold hard bitcoin. You are an elite hacker on a mission to steal data. Fully immersed into your VR cyberspace console you deploy viruses, worms and exploits in order to complete your mission before your signal gets traced and your flawless hacker reputation is in jeopardy! Darknet is an exciting puzzle / strategy game and should not be missed!

Download Darknet from Google Play here

No. 9 – Along Together

Best Daydream Games – No. 9: In Along Together, you are a kid’s imaginary friend: their invisible companion when there’s no one else around, and their guardian when things get dangerous. Use the Daydream controller to lift trees, move boulders, and power incredible machines on your quest to find the kid’s best friend.

Download Along Together from Google Play here

No. 8 – Vendetta Online

Best Daydream Games – No. 8: Vendetta Online is Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game set in Space!Customize your spaceship, trade between stations, battle pirates or become one yourself. Choose to fight other players, or cooperate with friends to push back the mysterious Hive. Finally Daydream has a game that players can sink their teeth in for months or even years to come!

Download Vendetta from Google Play here

No. 7 – Sky Fighter – Training Day

Best Daydream Games – No. 7: SkyFighter Training Day is an Endless Flying action game that put your reactions to the test! You have just received your first mission using the latest combat suit called SkyFighter that allows you to fly and shoot your enemies. On your way through the futuristic levels you got to dodge enemies and most importantly: stay alive!

Download Sky Fighter from Google Play here

No. 6 – Underworld Overlord

Best Daydream Games – No. 6:Underworld Overlord is a fantastic Tower Defense game on Daydream VR.  You assume the role of the evil Underworld Overlord that has to defend the underworld from brave heroes that dare to penetrate deep into your territory! You command your evil army of skeletons, killer spiders, lava bats and more devilish creatures and deploy deadly traps to stop them once and forever. With its updated AI, Underworld Overlord managed to climb up our Top 10 quite a bit! Congratulations!

Download Underworld Overlord from Google Play here

No. 5 – Gunjack 2: End Of Shift

Best Daydream Games – No. 5:  Gunjack 2 is the sequel to the space shooter that was extremely successful on GearVR and it does deliver upon what it promised: blockbuster space shooting action! Transport yourself to the dangerous Outer Ring of New Eden where you defend your home, the vast mining rig Kubera against hostile aliens.

Download Gunjack 2 from Google Play here

No. 4 – Need For Speed No Limits VR

Best Daydream Games – No. 4: Need For Speed No Limits VR is about relentless street races that have different racing crews battle it out on the streets of Blackridge. The game features 60 events on 12 tracks that have to be won in order to become the number one street racer. After having played this, there is absolutely no going back to non-VR racing games anymore!

Download Need For Speed No Limits VR from Google Play here

No. 3 – Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Best Daydream Games – No. 3: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes has taken the VR community by storm. It’s a multiplayer game in which a player in VR has to defuse a bomb with the help of a second player in the real world who is the bomb defusal expert thanks to a manual that has to be printed out beforehands. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is already a VR classic and should be experienced on Daydream VR!

Download Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes from Google Play here

No. 2 – Virtual Virtual Reality

Best Daydream Games – No. 2: Virtual Virtual Reality is a game about VR, A.I and our collective Sci-Fi fever dreams. That’s how the developer summarizes the game and that pretty much nails it. The game takes place in a future where most human jobs are automated. Humanity is looking for purpose and Activitude, a company that provides human companionship to bored Artificial Intelligences, is offering a solution. You serve your AI clients until you you find out that Activitude might not have your best interests at heart and that dark secrects are looming over the company that are yours to uncover. The game will impress you with over the top humor, great story telling, solid gameplay mechanics and a surprising conclusion! A must own for Daydream VR!

Download Virtual Virtual Reality from Google Play here

No. 1 – Eclipse: Edge Of Light

Best Daydream Games – No. 1: Eclipse: Edge Of Light is easily the best game on Daydream VR and an absolute must play title. You explore a sentient planet that you crash-landed on. The planet seems to have had a dark past and the littered remains of a civilization point to an extinction event that must have taken place here. You explore the planet equipped with a space suit, a jet pack and a magic artifact that bestows unimaginable powers on you. Eclipse: Edge of Light is a masterpiece and instant classic. It is one of the best and most memorable games that I have ever played, no matter on which platform and if you love videogames you owe it to yourself to experience this game!
Download Eclipse: Edge of Light from Google Play here


August Edit: Darknet replaces Lola & The Giant from place 10.

May Edit: Lola & the Giant and Along Together replace Battleplanet and Untethered as place 10 and 9 respectively.