vTime has just arrived on the Daydream Play Store! The free download is a cross-platform social network that allows you to chat with friends and/or strangers in Virtual Reality!

Finally Daydreamers have a place to hang out in VR and meet like-minded people. The app is very polished for being in early access and I was quite impressed by all the different environments that the app has to offer.

There is a virtual boardroom, a TV studio, several space themed environments, you can meet deep down the ocean, travel in a train, sit at the beach and so on. You certainly won’t feel bored when checking out vTime.

You can connect to your friends by linking your vTime account to facebook but you can also make new friends directly within the app by checking who is online or by simply joining open chat rooms which works great.

Another clever idea is the ability to either record your chats or even cast them for other vTimers to check out. This feature is called vCast. You will be able to host your own talkshows of podcasts fully in VR and I think this is quite fascinating!

So definitely a wonderful social VR app for Daydream VR and a Daydream District Editor’s Choice!


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