New on the Daydream Play Store: Montana VR! This is Daydream’s first American Football game and let me break the good news for you: it is free of charge! Check out this hands-on review of Montana VR for Daydream to find out if it is worth the download!

Here is how the developer describes the game:


Superstar Games presents Montana VR, the first immersive football game for Google Daydream! Play your favorite offensive superstars like Tom Brady, Odell Beckham Jr. and Julio Jones in an action packed, 7-on-7 passing football game against your favorite defensive superstars like JJ. Watt, Richard Sherman and Luke Kuechly. Montana VR is the first and only virtual reality football game licensed by legendary Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana and the NFL Players Association. Real players, real heroes and real football!

– Fast paced action packed 7 on 7 Passing Football
– Featuring current NFL players such as Odell Beckham Jr., Tom Brady, JJ Watt and Richard Sherman
– Easy point and click controls

You can get the game here:


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