Get the Blitzwolf VR BW-VR3 from here:

What would be a great name for a German tank is actually the name of a pretty amazing Cardboard Headset that could be used for Daydream As well! This is the unboxing and hands-on review of the Blitzwolf VR BW-VR3 !

The Blitzwolf VR BW VR3 took me by surprise. For only $30 you will get a high quality headset with a great Field of View (103°), IPD adjustment and focus wheels for each eye! It also comes with a very high quality head strap that is better than many other head straps on the market right now.

This QR Code works best for me:
Full Disclosure: The above link to is an affiliate link, wich means that if you buy the headset using this link, you actively support this channel. Thank you!


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