And finally my Bobo VR Z5 has arrived! Is this the Daydream View killer we all have been waiting for? Find out in this unboxing and hands-on review!

The Bobo VR Z5 is the first Daydream headset from a third party manufacturer. It comes with it’s own Daydream motion controller and as opposed to the Daydream View it has IPD adjustment, focus wheel and included headphones!

In this video I will check out if the headset is really Daydream compatible and how comfortable the device actually is.

Here is a short summary of my first impressions of the Bobo VR Z5:

  • Also made of fabrics like Daydream View
  • More feature rich than Daydream View
    • IPD Adjustment
    • Focus Wheel
    • Earphones included
  • Larger FOV than Daydream View
  • Very comfortable to wear
    • Head ring like PSVR
    • Fabric that comes in touch with face very similar to that of Daydream View
  • No NFC chip included, so Daydream App does not automatically start
    • most probably not officially Google licensed Daydream headset
  • Included Daydream motion controller works just like the real thing
    • charges via USB-C

If you would like to get one yourself, you can do so here:


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