Welcome to this episode of Daydream District First Touch! This time, we will be looking at Jingyang Ridge for Daydream VR and give the game the typical first touch hands-on review!

In Jingyang Ridge your mission is to save the local residents of an ancient Chinese town from roaming tigers. Equipped with bow and arrow, you are the only hope to restore peace and freedom. 🙂

Here is how the developer describes Jingyang Ridge:

This game based on an old Chinese story. A hero named Wu Song killed a dangerous tiger
just by fist for local people. Some time later, more dangerous tigers come out again. You should clear these tigers for people by archery. In the game, you should control the power and angle of shooting by headset and controller. Tigers may be around you, maybe hidden. You can use some tactics to finish the mission. By the way, you’d better stay in these safe places, or will be dangerous.

You can get the game here:



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