At the Google I/O conference Google has just announced the future of Daydream: Standalone Daydream Headsets with full positional inside-out tracking!

These devices do not need outside sensors but still offer 6 degrees of freedom like the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift. Google calls this technology Worldsense and has mentioned that it works with sensors that are built into the Standalone headsets. A technology that in the VR industry is called “inside out” tracking, because everything needed to do positional tracking is included inside the headset.

Google also announced that this new device type also follows the platform approach where any third party can build such a standalone headset if they stick to the standards as given out by Google. For this purpose Google has partnered up with Qualcomm to offer a reference design to make it easier for hardware manufacturers to come up with Daydream Standalone headsets.

The first two hardware partners are HTC Vive and Lenovo. Both of them will offer Daydream Standalone Headsets at the end of this year.

This story is still developing…


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