This is the very first time that I cook in VR! Check out my hands-on review of Feasible Food for Daydream VR!

Feasible Food is new on the Daydream Play Store and you can pick it up for 5.49€ right away. Feasible Food is an VR cookbook that will walk you through a number of recipes and has you follow them in VR!

Here is how the developer describes Feasible Food for Daydream VR:

Feasible Food is a virtual reality cookbook filled with delicious yet feasible recipes. It places you into a virtual reality kitchen where you can try new recipes and techniques in a consequence free environment.

Learn to cook new food with a virtual chef right by your side, guiding you and giving you instructions as you prepare the meal in the virtual kitchen. Use the Daydream controller to chop, flip, stir, grate and everything else your way to a finished dish.

The companion website,, then allows you to refer back to ingredients and instructions when making the food in your own kitchen. Taking what you’ve learnt in a fault-free virtual world and applying it to your own cooking.

Feasible Food contains over twenty recipes, many of which are or can be made vegetarian or vegan. It requires a Daydream-compatible phone and Daydream-compatible headset to use.

You can pick it up here:


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