This is the Daydream VR Newsflash for week 15 of 2017 !

This week we are going tostart the newsflash with some interesting news about music in VR! The Chemical Brothers have unveilled a VR video of Under Neon Lights!

The Chemical Brothers have teamed up with virtual reality company Within on a new VR video for their track Under Neon Lights.

The producers call the VR project “a psychological and physical coming-of-age story, framed around a girl whose world builds in neon colour as she runs through the different environmental stages of her life.”

As users explore the “experience,” the environment reacts both to them and to the music.Within has also provided open source codes and models on GitHub and say:

“We invite all developers, animators and creators to look under the hood and sample, mix, morph and build anew.”

And more music in VR: Fans of American metalcore band Killswitch Engage, get your Daydream View Headsets ready!

Today on 17th April, NEXT VR and Live Nation will be livestreaming the band’s concert from the House of Blues.

Providing a front row seat to experience the free exclusive, NextVR and Live Nation will allow fans to get up close to the successful band which has made a name for itself blending classic heavy metal, melodic death metal, and early punk/hardcore.

The concert will be broadcast from multiple vantage points including the front row and on-stage to provide viewers the best access for the event.

The live immersive broadcast will be globally available for free through the NextVR app on Daydream VR!

And we had one noteworthy launch last week. Ubisofts Virtual Rabbids finally found their way to Daydream VR!

About 6 weeks ago Ubisoft announced that a Rabbids-themed game would be coming to Google Daydream and indeed it has arrived. The game is called Virtual Rabbids: The Big Plan and you can get it from the Daydream Play Store for $5.99. Unfortunately as the hands-on review that you can watch on this channel has revealed, the Rabbids adventure in VR is much too short and a missed opportunity, because this game could have been great if it wasn’t so short!

The biggest news of last week hower was that Eclipse: Edge of Light is going to launch….TODAY, 17th of April at 4pm Pacific Time! So when you are watching THIS video, the game should be out already. I was lucky enough to be able to review it last week already, and I can tell you: Eclipse Edge of Light is the best game we have seen on Daydream VR so far!!!
Eclipse: Edge of Light is a first-person adventure game that has you explore a sentient planet that you crash-landed on. The planet seems to have had a dark past and the littered remains of a civilization point to an extinction event that must have taken place here. You explore the planet equipped with a space suit, a jet pack and a magic artifact that bestows unimaginable powers on you. Eclipse: Edge of Light is a masterpiece and instant classic. It is one of the best and most memorable games that I have ever played, no matter on which platform and it is available now on the Daydream Playstore for $8.99

As you can tell, I was completely blown away by this title and you should watch my full video review here. I am very happy that tomorrow I will have the chance to interview Jonathan Hawkins, the lead desiger who is also responsible for the God of War series! So now you know where the AAA genes of Eclipse originate from!

So, do check out the Eclipse review and then get the game because for $8.99 it is a STEAL!

That’s it for this weeks Newsflash. For much more coverage on Eclipse and anything else Daydream, do stay tuned to Daydream District!


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