Welcome to the hands-on review of Bee Invasion for Daydream VR! Bee Invasion is new on the Daydream Play store and you can get it for 2.99€.

The game is all about shooting bees that are about to sting. Bees can come from all directions, so you got to turn in order to stay alive! Check out the hands-on review to find out if I would buy Bee Invasion for Daydream VR!

Here is how the developer describes Bee Invasion:

Incredibly addictive!
A swarm of crazy bees is approaching you now! They are ferocious and coming fast to you in this VR 360º endless shooter!
– Look out, shoot and stop them before they build a deadly hive… if you can!
– Take full advantage of the Daydream pad.
– Instant fun: super simple and addictive gameplay.
– Enjoy 3 different scenes : Forest, Space and Fruity World.
– Enjoy colorful and hilarious characters and animations!
– Minimize dizziness effect.
– Specially developed for VR environments

You can get the game here:



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