One of the best VR games so far finally found its way to Daydream: Rez Infinite! Find out in this hands-on review why you should go and get Rez Infinite as soon as possible!

For all those who have not yet heard about Rez Infinite: it’s a musical on-rails shooter that fascinates with psychedelic visuals and a pumping techno soundtrack!

You will get the game here:

Here is how the developer describes Rez Infinite:

One of the most critically-acclaimed games of all time comes to Daydream in style: Experience 360 degrees of mind-blowing synesthesia as you blast through waves of enemies and giant transforming bosses, with colors and sounds that sync and blend to the beat of Rez’s legendary techno soundtrack.

Survive the cyberspace gauntlet of the Project-K network and reawaken Eden to save a world on the verge of societal collapse in this action-packed arcade shooter.


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