Overheating has been the biggest problem for the Daydream VR platform. No matter which phone you got after at least 30 minutes you had to stop playing. If you also wanted to stream your VR experience using Chromecast, your phone would even overheat sooner.

There are several hacks that would help you extend playing time and I have shown you those here on Daydream District before. Using aluminum foil or cooling packs does help. However, Reddit user Jason has sent me a custom made heatsink and I can only say: THAT’S IT! NO MORE OVERHEATING FOR ME! In this live show I will talk about Jason’s heatsink. You can get it here:


The heatsink is custom made by Jason. Here is how Jason describes his Daydream heatsink:

It provides maximum cooling for users in warm environments or users that push their phones to the max. For example, users that do things like simultaneously gaming and mirroring the screen to a computer/television may benefit from this heavy duty version. It weighs 120 grams versus 80 grams for the standard version, yet provides significantly more cooling for the phone.

It is designed for ease of use:
It can stay connected to the Daydream View even with the controller attached. This makes carrying the heat sink with the Daydream View very easy.
The heat sink contains thermally conductive silicone thermal pads to make contact with the phone. Aside from maximizing heat conduction, this also prevents any scratches to the phone.

And I can just say, it works! So definitely all thumbs up! If you want to fix the Daydream overheating problem, get this heatsink!


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