Welcome to another episode of Daydream District Discovers! Today I am going to check out Vicarious.

Vicarious has just launched for Daydream VR and it is a very promising social media app that was developed with VR in mind!

Think of Vicarious as the Instagram of VR. You will feel right at home here, Vicarious does not reinvent the wheel when it comes to social media apps. You can follow people, people can follow you, there is a stream and trending content.

But what’s great is that there is finally an app that helps people to express themselves in VR and create content for consumption in VR. You can creat stories that consist of images, 360 degree panoramas or videos. Add your music and any text you want and your VR story is ready for your followers to enjoy. Completely in VR, which actually is quite the difference. Not only in terms of size but for sure also in terms of engagement with the content, since you allow your followers to step into you world.

Get Vicarious for Daydream VR now:



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