Welcome to the Daydream District hands-on review of Volkan for Daydream VR! Volkan is a new endless runner that is set in an apocalyptic environment. You run through the remains of a world that was destroyed by volcanoes and that is exactly as exciting and intense as it sounds.

Here is how the developer describes Volkan:
Things are about to heat up with the release of Volkan, an original virtual reality 3D gaming experience that is as intense as it is addictive.
A first-person adventure, you need to hop your way around various pieces of infrastructure still standing including old, damaged buildings, pipes, and narrow platforms, as well as natural structures such as mountains and rocks. Meanwhile, the volcanoes that have destroyed the world around you continue to explode, depositing piping hot lava that flows in all directions.

Adding to the mayhem is the fact that there are various obstacles in your path, which you will either have to jump over or navigate around. Fall to the lava below or run into something and it’s game over! You’ll pick up speed as you move through the metropolis, meaning impeccable timing, vision and a good feel for the game are required to get a high score in Volkan.
Good luck out there!

You can can Volkan here:




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