Google’s October 4th event is over and unfortunately we only got a short glimpse at the Daydream View 2. Here are all the information that we got from the event and more importantly what we learned later from Google Daydream Product managers about the new Google Daydream View 2!

In a nutshell: the headset has much more to offer than what we learned from the underwhelming presentation at the Made By Google Event.

Basically, the successor to the original Daydream View fixes all of the flaws of the first headset.

  • Better Field Of View: The original only had an FOV of around 90°. Thanks to Fresnel lenses (just like those ones in the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive) the new Daydream View now has an FOV of around 100°.
  • More comfortable: Thanks to an added top head strap (which can also be removed), the new Daydream View won’t be as front-heavy as the original. Also the facepad was redesigned to distribute pressure more evenly
  • Less light leakage: the headset seals much better, especially around the nose, which results in much less light leakage
  • Less overheating: the lid contains a new magnesium heatsink that dissipates the heat from the phone and allows it to run at full performance without overheating
  • Available in 5 more countries: Spain, Italy, France, Korea and Japan


With all these improvements in seems like the new Daydream View is a fantastic upgrade that is well worth the asking price.

Stay tuned to Daydream District for the full review of the new Daydream View!


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