Sword wielding on Daydream VR! Daylight Dojo has arrived in the Play Store and here is the hands-on review to find out if the game is worth your money!

Your task in Daylight Dojo is to defend the rare juwel that is housed in your dojo. Lots of different enemies are after it but luckily there is still you and your weapons!

Here is how the developer describes Daylight Dojo:

Wield your sword and fight hordes of enemies in Daylight Dojo!

Fight a variety of enemies of the night as they infiltrate the dojo in an attempt to capture the rare jewel it houses. Use 5 unique motion-controlled weapons such as a katana, kunai, bo staff, and more! After you have completed all 5 levels you may attempt to reach the high score in Twilight Mode. Here you may fight an endless number of creatures and gain bragging rights over all other players!

You can get the game here:



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