Welcome to another hands-on review for Daydream VR! This time I am checking out Farmer vs. Evil 2.0 VR for you! The game is an endless shooter that has waves of evil creatures coming at you! Is Farmer vs. Evil worth your hard-earned money? Find out in this review!

Here is how the developer describes Farmer vs. Evil 2.0 VR:

The usual day of farmer John began. His corn fields were the best in the whole district … but no one knew – what cost … Help John survive until dawn and protect his harvest.
As soon as the sun goes over the horizon, THEY wake up. John does not know how many of them will come this night. But you need to survive at any cost. What will happen tomorrow and whether the new day will come depends only on you …

You can purchase Farmer vs. Evil for Daydream VR here:



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