You love total immersion in VR?! You are in for a treat, check out this Apnea hands-on review for Daydream VR!

In Apnea you dive deep into the ocean in order to recover a nuclear weapon that is concealed in a sunk submarine. The game is so intriguing because it detects your breath and will require you to hold it for certain amounts of time! But check for yourself in this review.

Here is how the developer describes Apnea fro Daydream VR:

22 May 1968. The American submarine USS Scorpion (SSN-589) has dissapeared in the Atlantic for mysterious reasons.

23 May 1968. As a Soviet deep diver, your mission is to find the Scorpion before the Americans and extract the valuable cargo it contains: an early prototype of the MK48 nuclear torpedo. The depths are dangerous and the exact location of the submarine unknown. Use your ingenuity and stealth to sneak past sharks and explore the ocean floor before running out of air…

Apnea detects your breath and steps in the real world to transport you to the depths of the ocean in a VR game like you have never experienced before: Walk on your tip-toes to avoid making any noise or run for your life to hide from the monsters of the sea, but be careful with your exhalations or you will drown before accomplishing the mission.

You can get Apnea for Daydream VR here:


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